Thursday, October 30, 2014


Jasper Speaks:

I sometimes wonder if I am really a thankful person. Sure, I realize that nothing I have would be mine without God granting things and people to me, still I don't know that I actually thank Him for these gifts enough. November is the time of year that we begin to let thanksgiving settle into our thoughts. Last year I kept a 30 days of thanksgiving list where I publically thanked God for something He has blessed me with each day of November. It had a two-fold effect on me. One, it did make me think of so many things of which I need to be thankful. Two, it reminded me that sometimes I take things for granted.

I look at all I have. I have a wonderful, supportive, beautiful wife. I have an energetic, kind-hearted, loving son. I have siblings who care for me. I have bright nieces and nephews who make me proud to be an uncle. I have a great ministry in which God allows me to serve. I have friends who have helped me walk both happy and dark paths. I am a blessed man.

As I look at all that has been given to me, I cannot help but realize my need to thank for God for the gift He has given me of which I am most undeserving. Christ has given me eternal life. I am undeserving of this. I was a sinner who wanted my own will and way. God chose to call me unto Himself. A favorite verse of mine is Romans 5:8. Paul expresses the love of Christ for us simply and beautifully as he says:

"But God demonstrates His own love for us in this, while we were yet sinners Christ died for us."

His love for me isn't based upon my ability to please. It is not something that will be taken away when I fail. His love is enduring, constant, preexisting, and unmerited. I have a heart that overflows of thankfulness when I contemplate this Truth. I realize that life itself is worthy of deep thanks. Thanksgiving for my salvation should be the first thing on my lips in the morning and the last thought as I drift to sleep in the evening.

All I have comes from a benevolent, loving God. I pray that I will learn to be more thankful with each passing day for all He has given me. I am undeserving and still He has given me all a man could want.

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