Thursday, February 12, 2015

A Success

Jasper Speaks:

So our Booster t-shirt fundraiser was a success! We smashed our goal and sold 106 shirts. It was amazing (and fun) to watch friends. family and people we don't even know help us reach our goal. We still have a LONG way to go financially but we are overwhelmed by the generosity of people so far.

Our next venture is an open house at our place on Monday night. Here is Kendra's heart about our new fund raising avenue:

As we continue to fundraiser for our adoption - I have been so thankful to others for sacrificing their commissions and sales for our Uganda adoption. It has been humbling & exciting! In the last couple of months, I have realized I really need to do everything I possibly can to expedite our fundraising process. So, I was looking for something to sell. One day on our Uganda adoption support group I saw a lady who sold Simply Said. I had NO clue what it was! So, I started researching it and found out there wasn't a consultant even in Missouri or Illinois. The closest one was in Iowa. I really feel like this was a God thing in my life because it was SO random! So - I introduce you to Simply Said!

You can shop online - or stop by Monday night to see some of the products!

Also, on February 27th at 7:00 PM we will host an It Works! Night. Here is the information on that:
February is "Love the Rains" month! 

It Works Global is a health and wellness company that offers all natural, organic skincare, health, weight loss and lifestyle products. Each product will be highlighted throughout the month through this party link. All commissions, income and bonuses from this month-long party will be donated to the Rains adoption fund!

We will wrap up the month with a Wrap and Sample party at the Rains home on February 27. Along with free product samples, individual Wraps and Facials will be available for purchase at the party for $25 each, $18.75 from each wrap sold will be donated to the Rains adoption fund. 

You can shop online any time prior to the party at

Please send all your questions to Kyndra Brown. Contact me through messenger or text 314-258-6094! I would love to help you find the perfect product for you!

We are also awaiting many replies from grant organizations. We are praying that several of these will come through and help us get to the goal. There will be other fund raisers so stay tuned!

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