Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Prayer Helps

Jasper Speaks:

Anyone who has done an international adoption knows that the process is long and time consuming. I feel like it sometimes has overtaken our whole life. We long to meet our child and bring him or her home to us.
Finances are the major road block at the moment. We have applied for many grants and now are just playing the waiting game to see if those are coming through. Please pray with us that they will. It is amazing to know that God is so at work in all of this.

JSC is one of the largest grant organizations. We got this email today:

We have received everything to make your application complete. Before your application goes under review, we may request additional information about your funding needs, so please expect one additional email from JSC regarding your status. Your application will be reviewed the end of March with news of a decision by the end of April. Thanks for sharing your adoption story with us!
Director, JSC Foundation

Please join us in prayer that they will see our need and God will lay it on their hearts to help us! There are others out there as well. Please join us in prayer that God will provide our full funding very soon!
You can always contribute as you feel led by going to our Pure Charity page: