Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Tamir Rice and Raising A Black Son in 21st Century America

Jasper Speaks:
I am saddened by the choice not to let the tragedy of the Tamir Rice shooting be played out in court. I find great fear in my heart when I think about my little boy living in a world where this same situation could occur to him. Our society and its view on black men is horrendous. My heart ached as I read this article.

My boy is 9 and 1/2. That means he is only one year away from these statistics. He is gentle, kind and loving. He is also all boy. I pray that God will protect him from people who judge him by his outward appearance. I pray that his life never hangs in the balance of conditioned prejudice. I pray he is safe always.

My hear hurts that I have to even consider these things. Our country likes to think it has come a long way in race relations in the past century; days like this prove we are very wrong. There seems to be great injustice still going on in our country. I have a deep desire to see that end before my son grows up. Most days, that seems only like a dream.

Pray for the peace of our country. Pray that my son may grow up in a better world than this.