Wednesday, September 21, 2016

We apologize for not updating this site in such a long time. Life has been difficult for us over the past six weeks. As the situation continued to change in Uganda and our agency continued to frustrate us, we were faced with difficult decisions. In the end, the agency asked us to do some things that we felt were questionable as far as being in the best interest of the child with whom we were placed and for our family. We sought the counsel of our pastor and adoption professionals to help us sift through the matter.
On Tuesday, September 13, we made the final and difficult decision to end our relationship with our agency and with our pursuit of adoption in Uganda. We have prayed, cried and discussed this decision at great length. We have taken time as a family to process through the difficult emotions. Our lives have been on hold for nearly three years as we hoped and waited in good faith for this adoption to be completed to no avail. We understand that God closes doors and sometimes that can hurt deeply. However, there have been instances along the way in this journey where we have questioned God only to look back later and thank Him for His protection of our hearts.
We are not sure what our next step will be. We do not feel we are done with this adoption journey. We did lose a large sum of money by leaving our agency post-placement. However, the graciousness of God has left us with enough money to be well on our way to beginning a new adoption. However, we feel we need time to exhale from this difficult experience before moving forward.
We are doing very well. We have had time to privately grieve this devastating loss. We have told anyone who has asked what the outcome has become but needed to wait to "go public" with this announcement until we had officially contacted our agency. At this point we have had no acknowledgement of the letter although tracking shows that the letter was received on Thursday of last week at noon.
How can you help us now? First of all, we know you all love us and that is amazing. Please DO NOT look on us in pity. We have dealt with the sadness and having those who love and care for us reopen those hurts by innocently trying to empathize is something we would rather avoid. Second, please pray for our continued peace. Pray also that the agency would acknowledge the ending of our relationship so that we can feel the full freedom of no longer being associated with them. Pray also that we would hear and obey the Lord as He leads us to what we need to do to be in his will with our next steps.
Over the next few months, our family will be spending some time together away from home. We have had to hold off any of this time because we did not know how long we would be in country. This time away will help us to recharge and reset. Honestly, there is some relief in the freedom this process ending has brought. Please pray that we would have safe travels and that God would continue to heal us during this time.
Thank you all for loving us and supporting us over these last three years. The journey is not over. God promises that it is He has begun this work and He will be faithful to complete it.
Finally, feel free to share this news with whomever you wish. It will be easier for us to move on if we do not have to share this story time and time again.
Trusting Jesus,

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