Monday, August 08, 2016

I will attempt to condense this update as much as possible. So here goes!
The person who signed the bill didn't have authority to do so. So the courts in Uganda had to decide what that meant. They ruled a couple of weeks ago that they would retract all guardianships granted back to June 2nd. Thankfully we weren't part of that!
So moving forward - we think we will be pursuing some sort of foster care which will delay us another year. It will also mean 3 trips now. One trip will happen in a couple of months. Then another one in 4-5 months. And another one in another 4-5 months.
On the bright side we received another grant last week for $1200. Before we started the process of internationally adopting we were always scared of the $ side. And that has turned into kind of the easy part....sigh.
I know this was long. Thanks for reading until the end. That was as condensed as I could make it!